Frame: soft bianco melamine. 
Fronts: lacquered in RAL 5012, RAL 3002, RAL 1023. Bed: bianco soft melamine FLEX headboard, bianco soft melamine RING bed base. 
Wardrobe with sliding doors.


Frame: soft bianco melamine. 
Fronts: bianco matrix melamine, grigio alluminio lacquer. 
Handle: JEANS transparent. 
Bed: bianco matrix melamine FLEX headboard, grigio alluminio lacquer, soft blu melamine, grigio fabric ISOLA bed base.
Soft bianco melamine desk with curved top.
3-drawer bedside table with swivel casters.
Soft bianco melamine frame.
Grigio alluminio lacquer fronts.
Handle: JEANS trasparente.


Frame: soft bianco melamine. Fronts: salvia lacquer and militare lacquer. Handle: DESIGN. Bed: LETTO 35 soft bianco melamine fixed storage.
The low bookcase is ideal for children's and teenagers' rooms, with plenty of shelves to store books and items in a small space.


Frame: olmo matrix melamine, sides in visone lacquer. Fronts: soft visone melamine. Handle: SELFIE olmo matrix melamine.
Bed: HIPPY soft visone melamine and olmo matrix melamine.
A variety of compartments, open shelving and hanging rails, skilfully combined with chests of drawers and wardrobes, makes it possible to create a well-organised space to store clothes and all the items we use on a day-to-day basis.
Wall system with olmo matrix melamine frame, visone lacquer sides and soft visone melamine fronts.


Frame: olmo matrix melamine. Fronts: olmo matrix melamine, soft bianco melamine, azzurro lacquer. Handles: SELFIE and SELFIE C in olmo matrix.
Open wall unit: soft blu melamine. Bed: MORBIDO olmo matrix melamine and soft bianco melamine.
Soft bianco melamine desk.
Olmo matrix melamine drawer unit and azzurro lacquer fronts with push-pull openings.


Frame: olmo matrix melamine. Fronts: grigio alluminio lacquer. Push-pull openings. Bed: SOLE 130 grigio faux leather. FREE equipped walk-in wardrobe.


Frame: olmo matrix melamine. Fronts: cemento graffity, olmo matrix melamine. Bed: FLEX headboard cemento graffity, RING bed base olmo matrix melamine.
FLEX headboard in cemento graffity finish.
RING bed base in olmo matrix melamine finish.


Frame: infinity matrix melamine. Fronts: salvia lacquer, militare lacquer. Handle: QUADRO bianco. Open wall unit: militare lacquer. Bed: LETTO 35 fixed storage in infinity matrix melamine. FREE wall wardrobe.


Frame: infinity matrix melamine. Fronts: cemento graffity. Recessed grip: bianco lacquer. Bed: FLEX headboard in infinity matrix melamine and visone faux leather, ISOLA bed base grigio faux leather.
FLEX headboard in infinity matrix melamine and grigio faux leather.
ISOLA bed base in grigio faux leather finish.
Wardrobe with open shelving end element in the infinity matrix melamine finish of the frame and cemento graffity fronts.
Study corner with infinity matrix melamine top and frame, cemento graffity fronts.


Frame: olmo matrix melamine. Fronts: soft bianco melamine, lilla, platino and verde lacquer. Handles: PINNA and PINNA C lilla. Bed: MORBIDO headboard and soft bianco melamine bed frame.
The problems with furnishing children's bedrooms are becoming increasingly complex as increasingly smaller rooms and different requirements need to be taken into account.
Bridge bedroom furniture provides an excellent solution.
Bridge with olmo matrix melamine finish frame and fronts in soft bianco melamine and lilla, platino and verde lacquer.


Frame: infinity matrix melamine. Fronts: azzurro lacquer. Handle: SELFIE C bianco. Recessed grip: azzurro lacquer. Bed: soft bianco melamine BOX bed base. Wall: FREE bianco shelves.
FREE wall system, bianco shelves with corner desk.


Frame: soft bianco melamine. Fronts: cemento nuvola, militare lacquer and melanzana lacquer. Recessed grip: melanzana lacquer. Bed: FARFALLA storage bed, melanzana lacquer headboard, soft bianco melamine bed frame.
Wardrobe with open shelving end element and cupboards with fronts in melanzana matte lacquer finish.


Frame: infinity matrix melamine. Fronts: infinity matrix melamine, cemento graffity and azzurro lacquer. Handle: SELFIE C infinity matrix melamine. Bed: TRIS azzurro lacquer.
Study corner with infinity matrix melamine finish top and frame, wall units and drawers with cemento graffity and azzurro lacquer fronts.


Frame: infinity matrix melamine. Fronts: infinity matrix melamine, soft platino melamine, acquamarina lacquer, pomodoro lacquer. Handle: ARCO infinity matrix melamine. Bed: soft platino melamine HIPPY headboard, infinity matrix melamine bed frame.
Side ladder with three rungs and tall unit at the end of the corridor in infinity matrix melamine finish.
Soft platino and pomodoro lacquer FARFALLA melamine bed guardrails.


Frame: infinity matrix melamine. Fronts: rosa lacquer, pomodoro lacquer. Handles: PINNA and PINNA C. Open wall unit: pomodoro lacquer. Bed: CASTELLO bed and BOX storage pomodoro lacquer.
Side ladder with guardrail in infinity matrix melamine finish.
Drawer fronts in rosa lacquer finish and PINNA C handles.
Wall unit frames in infinity matrix melamine, doors pomodoro lacquer.
Pomodoro lacquer shelves with TUCANO supports.
Desk and drawer unit frames in infinity matrix melamine.
Drawer fronts in rosa lacquer finish and PINNA C handles.


Frame: olmo matrix melamine. Fronts: infinity matrix melamine, olmo matrix melamine and giallo lacquer. Handle: QUADRO bianco. Bed: FARFALLA sofa bed and giallo lacquered high sleeper bed. Soft bianco melamine supporting bookcase.


Frame: soft bianco melamine. Fronts: soft bianco melamine and paprika lacquer. Handles: DESIGN and POMOLO QUADRO. Bed: CASTELLO, soft bianco melamine.
Pull-out bed, steps with drawer and platform with storage space: an intelligent, functional arrangement able to stimulate the imagination of younger children.
Soft bianco melamine finish frame, paprika matte lacquer and soft bianco melamine fronts.