Frame: olmo matrix melamine. Fronts: antracite matte lacquer. Recessed grip: antracite matte lacquer. Bed: FLEX headboard antracite lacquer, alluminio lacquer and antracite faux leather. Olmo matrix melamine BOX storage.
FLEX headboard matte antracite lacquer, matte alluminio lacquer and antracite faux leather.
BOX storage in olmo matrix melamine finish.


Frame: olmo matrix melamine. Fronts: olmo matrix melamine, soft bianco melamine. Handle: SELFIE olmo matrix. Bed: LETTO 35 storage bed, olmo matrix melamine. Push-pull opening drawers.


Frame: olmo matrix melamine. Fronts: cemento graffity, olmo matrix melamine. Bed: SOGNO marrone fabric. Wardrobe with sliding doors. Push-pull opening drawers.
Wardrobe with sliding doors.
Olmo matrix melamine frame.
Fronts with cemento graffity and olmo matrix melamine finish.


Frame: infinity matrix melamine. Fronts: cemento graffity. Bed: FLEX headboard cemento graffity, infinity matrix melamine, infinity matrix melamine RING double bed base.


Frame: olmo matrix melamine, soft bianco melamine. Fronts: militare lacquer, alluminio lacquer.
Push-pull openings. Bed: SOLE bianco faux leather.
Double-sided open shelving bookcase in olmo matrix melamine.
Double-sided open shelving bookcase in olmo matrix melamine used as a divider between the bedroom and a relaxation area.


Frame: olmo matrix melamine. Fronts: RAL 5020 lacquer and alluminio lacquer. Handle: SELFIE C olmo matrix. Bed: FLEX headboard RAL 5020 and alluminio lacquer, Olmo matrix melamine BOX storage. Wall-hung bridge wall units.
Olmo matrix melamine top and frame, drawer fronts grigio alluminio lacquer finish.
Push-pull openings.